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Hardwood Plywood: Walnut

Hardwood Plywood: Walnut
Plywood Hardwood Walnut

Walnut color ranges from a light gray brown to a rich chocolate brown and may contain purplish brown. It has a straight grain pattern or a curly and wavy grain. It's heavy and hard with excellent machining and finishing properties. We stock this in plain slice which results in cathedral patterns and straight grain patterns.


Item Number Description
26002 Walnut PS 1/4 4x8 A1 MDF
26041 Walnut PS 1/2 4x8 A1 MDF
26025 Walnut PS 3/4 4x8 A1 VC
26055 Walnut PS 3/4 4x8 A1 MDF SM&N
26057 Walnut PS 3/4 4x10 A1 MDF
26054 Walnut PS 3/8 4x8 A1 MDF
26062 Walnut Rustic 3/4 4x8 A1 MDF
26064 Walnut Rustic 1/4 4x8 A1 MDF
26070 Versalply Walnut PS 3/4 4x8 MDF