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Hardwood Plywood: Mahogany

Hardwood Plywood: Mahogany
Plywood Hardwood Mahogany

Mahogany's color ranges from a yellowish brown to reddish brown. Mahogany ranks among the finest cabinet woods, exceptionally stable with a clear and natural luster. We also carry Sapele with a pleasing ribbon stripe grain.


Item Number Description
23880 Mahogany African 1/4 4X8 A1 MDF
23885 Mahogany African 1/2 4X8 A1 MDF
23890 Mahogany African 3/4 4X8 A1 MDF
23896 Sapele RS 1/4 4x8 A1 MDF
23895 Sapele RS 3/4 4x8 A1 MDF