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Hardwood Plywood: Hickory

Hardwood Plywood: Hickory
Plywood Hardwood Hickory

Hickory is a strong and full of character wood. It is calico in color ranging from sap wood to heartwood. For a more dramatic look we stock rustic hickory which will include open and closed knots. For your cabinet needs we have the calico hickory with a white melamine back.


Item Number Description
22903 Hickory PS 1/4 4X8 A1 MDF
22905 Hickory PS 3/4 4X8 A1 MDF
22915 Hickory PS 3/8 4x8 B1 MDF
22902 Hickory Rustic 1/4 4X8 2S MDF
22907 Hickory Rustic 3/4 4X8 2S MDF
22911 Hickory Rustic 3/4 4x8 G2S VC
26007 VersaPly Hickory PS 3/4 4X8 MDF White Mel Back
26032 VersaPly Rustic Hickory 3/4 4x8 PBC