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Hardwood Plywood: Appleply

Hardwood Plywood: Appleply
Plywood Appleply

ApplePly® is a premium quality hardwood plywood manufactured by States Industries. With its attractive and eyecatching edge, ApplePly is great for use as a primary design element in furniture, fixtures and architectural interiors. Constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16" Birch, this all-hardwood core panel is strong and lightweight with a minimum number of voids. ApplePly also machines beautifully without tearing or fuzzing.


Item Number Description
20020 Appleply 1/2 4X8 C2 9 Ply
20080 Appleply 3/4 4X8 UW B1 13 Ply VC
20110 Appleply 1 4X8 UW B1 15 Ply VC