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Melamines: Miscellaneous

Melamines: Miscellaneous
Melamines Miscellaneous

Roseburg Duramine® Decorative Melamine panels consist of melamine saturated decorative papers thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of Roseburg UltraBlend particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). Whether you are designing furniture, commercial fixtures or cabinets, you can count on Duramine® to offer great looks and proven value.


Item Number Description
100883 Mel Solar Oak 2S 3/4 4x8 PBC
26039 ILP White Eggshell 1S 1/4 5x8
55226 Mel London Grey 2S 1/2 4x8
55223 Mel London Grey 2S 1/4 4x8 MDF
55225 Mel London Grey 2S 3/4 4x8
55229 Mel London Grey 2S 5/8 4x8
55271 Mel Choc Apple 2S 1/4 4X8 MDF
55270 Mel Choc Apple 2S 3/4 4X8 PBC
55278 Mel Choc Apple 5/8 4x8
55273 Mel Rustic Alder 2S 1/4 4X8 MDF
55276 Mel Rustic Alder 2S 1/2 4x8 PBC
55272 Mel Rustic Alder 2S 3/4 4X8 PBC
55277 Mel Black Cherry 2S 1/2 4x8 PNBC
55280 Mel Candlelight 2S 3/4 4x9 PBC