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Hardwood Lumber: Walnut

Hardwood Lumber: Walnut
Juglans Nigra
Common Name: Black Walnut

Sapwood whitish to yellowish-brown (will darken when steamed) with heartwood light gray-brown to rich chocolate-brown to deep purplish-brown, medium texture with some wavy/curly grain.
ILP upper grade (Select & Btr) walnut is mill sorted to ILP premium specs: minimum 95/75% heartwood to sapwood content far exceeding industry standards.
All ILP walnut is sourced from northern Wisconsin and is steamed beyond industry norm for excellent color consistency.


Item Number Description
6900 Walnut Black 4/4 S&B RWL
6907 Walnut Black 4/4 #1C RWL
6925 Walnut Black 5/4 S&B RWL
6951 Walnut Black 6/4 S&B RWL
6975 Walnut Black 8/4 S&B RWL
6979 Walnut Black 6/4 #1C RWL
6980 Walnut Black 8/4 #1C RWL