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Hardwood Lumber: Poplar

Hardwood Lumber: Poplar
Liriodendron Tulipifera
Common Names: American Tulipwood, Tuliptree

Sapwood nearly white with heartwood ranging from tan, greenish celery with sometimes streaks of purple, blue to black, fine to medium texture, good widths and lengths readily available.
Great for millwork and paint grade jobs, machines well.


Item Number Description
6400 Poplar Yellow 4/4 S&B RWL
6409 Poplar Yellow 4/4 S&B 8-10 FT RGH
6510 Poplar Yellow 4/4 S&B S1F
6406 Poplar Yellow 4/4 S&B 12 inch & wider
6410 Poplar Yellow 4/4 #1Com
6425 Poplar Yellow 5/4 S&B RWL
6451 Poplar Yellow 6/4 S&B RWL
6475 Poplar Yellow 8/4 S&B RWL
6483 Poplar Yellow 10/4 S&B RWL