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Hardwood Lumber: Red Oak

Hardwood Lumber: Red Oak
Quercus Rubra
Common Name: Northern Red Oak

Sapwood is grayish white with heartwood being light pink-wheat to light, light tan, medium to coarse texture.
All ILP Red Oak is true Northern stock from Wisconsin and Minnesota and mill sorted to a premium wheat color sort with dark brown, dark red and mineral pulled; no Appalachian or Southern stock mixed in.
Also available in quartersawn and riftsawn.


Item Number Description
5000 Oak Red Northern 4/4 S&B
5250 Oak Red 5/4 S&B RWL
5276 Oak Red 6/4 S&B RWL
5300 Oak Red 8/4 S&B RWL
5235 Oak Red 4/4 #1 Com
5501 Oak Red 4/4 Narrow Selects 6'-8'H&M
5036 Oak Red 4/4 Rustic
5841 Oak Red 5/4 Rustic