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Hardwood Lumber: Rustic Hickory

Hardwood Lumber: Hickory
Carya Spp.
Common Names: Shagbark, Shellbark, Pecan, Mockernut, Pignut and Bitternut

Sapwood is nearly white with heartwood pinkish-brown with some dark streaks, close grained, fine textured, very hard and resilient.
ILP offers Hickory in "Calico": 60/40% heartwood to sapwood as well as Rustic grade (SSE/STK)


Item Number Description
2916 Hickory Rustic 4/4 RWL
2915 Hickory XT Rustic 4/4
2950 Hickory Rustic 6/4 RWL
2920 Hickory Rustic 5/4 RWL