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Hardwood Lumber: Cherry

Hardwood Lumber: Cherry
Prunus Serotina
Common Name: Black Cherry

White sapwood with light pinkish to dark reddish brown heartwood, closed grain with fine texture.
ILP purchases a 95/80% minimum spec for heartwood/sapwood content meaning one face of the board will be not less than 95% red with the reverse side being not less than 80%.
Typical industry standards suggest a 90/50 spec making ILP stock a superior choice.
ILP offers our cherry in Select & Better grade as well as in a Rustic

Current customers say our cherry is "out of this world!"


Item Number Description
2511 Cherry 4/4 S&B 90/80 RWL
2530 Cherry 4/4 #1 Com 95/80 RWL
2525 Cherry 5/4 S&B RWL
2551 Cherry 6/4 S&B
2575 Cherry 8/4 S&B RWL